Why High School Students Make Great Interns

Why High School Students Make Great Interns

If You are Looking for More Help for Your Business, Consider Your Local Teens

When it comes to filling an internship position at your business, you may first think of college students or recent graduates who are looking to enter the workforce full time. But have you considered how beneficial it would be if one of those interns was actually still in high school? There are many benefits to having a high school student on your team. They may be young, but they have valuable skills to offer your business and can provide you with the talent you need. 

Every business needs interns, and high school students make great ones! They’re energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated to learn. And with the right guidance, they can be a huge asset to your team.

Other businesses have cited the top three reasons for hiring high school interns to be: support local high schools, gain new ideas, and find future college interns. Employers cite the top three projects to have high school interns focus on were: social media marketing projects, data entry, and admin work. 

internships allow high school students to get real-world experience and build their resume. Internships also offer the opportunity of learning how different professionals work, as well as developing skills such as communication and organization, which will be useful when they do graduate.

Many business owners are hesitant to give young people a chance because they aren’t sure if they will have the necessary skills. However, there are several reasons why high school interns can be an asset to your company. 

Experience and Opportunity

Internships are an invaluable part of the modern education and workforce. Students need the experience and opportunities that come with internships in order to take important steps forward. It is becoming increasingly important for high school students to gain volunteer and internship experience for future job applications and even to gain admittance into colleges.  This necessity means students are willing to learn and be good at taking direction. 

Internships are a fantastic way for students who want to pursue their career interests in a particular field of work to learn if it’s the right fit. Hiring high school interns helps them grow, giving them experience working with different types of industries, and adding to their skill set to apply in other ways. As Robin D. Richards, chairman and CEO of Internships.com said, “For students, work experience is the key to ensure they make a good career decision and build their professional network. By employing students, companies get exposure to talent early in their career journey and help support the well-being of the local community.”

Because high schoolers don’t have much experience, they are extremely motivated to train in the ways you need. Their skills and knowledge can be developed over time as they are mentored and coached by experienced professionals.

Enthusiastic and Eager to Learn

Many businesses are looking for interns to help them out. High school students can be great candidates because they are energetic, eager to learn, and willing to take on new challenges. 

Businesses are missing out on a unique opportunity by not hiring high school students. While businesses may be put off because there are some frustratingly immature teens around, those bad apples are not demonstrative of all teens. Students who take the initiative to seek out internships and work opportunities are already proving they are different. These are young people that are motivated and have lots of energy. They’re enthusiastic about their future career path and want to learn from the experience your business has to offer. 

These students are just entering the workforce, which makes them eager to learn. They’re still young, but old enough where they can start doing real work that contributes to your company. 

Plus, high school students can bring new vigor and fresh ideas to your workplace.

Many business owners find that hiring high school students actually contributes to a better work environment, it gives them an opportunity to show their youthful enthusiasm, and demonstrates the value of training younger workers. 

They Have the Time

High school students have the free time to dedicate to an internship, without it interfering with their schoolwork. This means they can put in the extra effort required to hone their skills. They are also typically available for summer internships. 

Speaking of summer internships, these high school students provide the opportunity for your business to make a long-term investment. Should you and your high school intern work well together, you have put your training into an intern that may choose to come back to work for you each summer during their college years. 

They Offer Fresh Perspective

One benefit to hiring high school students is they’re usually familiar with social media and other digital tools. That means a high school intern is perfect for businesses that need help with social media, marketing, and other computer work. They can be a great resource for feedback, bringing new ideas into the workplace while learning how a business operates.


High school students are affordable, or even free, to hire. Making high school interns an untapped resource that can provide businesses with quality help at a fraction of the cost of hiring your average adult. If you’re a business looking for a way to cut costs, hiring high school students as interns may be the solution. 

Additionally, depending on specific circumstances, hiring student interns may be a tax benefit for your business and is something to discuss with your accountant. 

Investing in Your Community

Internships for high schoolers is a way that your business can give back to your community. Hiring local teens shows a business values the youth in their community, as it is a great way to get work done while also training the next generation of employees, helping them to become successful individuals. The youth are our future, so businesses investing in our youth with altruistic internship opportunities means they are also investing in the success of the community. 

It is a win-win because it gives students a chance at getting some valuable professional time under their belt, while also working locally. Also, some high schools now offer credits for internships, so hiring a student can be a great way to help them out while also benefiting your business. 


There are many reasons why high school students make great interns. They can offer insights and ideas that you may not have considered before and they bring energy into your workplace. If you haven’t considered hiring an intern yet, now is the time. We can help connect your company with qualified candidates who would love to spend some time working for you. 

Simply register your business on the Shamrck website. If you wish to speak with someone, you can schedule a demo. It is free to list one active post and then $49/mo to post multiple jobs and have the Shamrck team manage everything for you.

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