Student Insights

Data-Driven Decision Making

With the pressures of COVID-era education, it is even more important to track and enhance intervention to ensure the success of students is monitored for a certain standard.

Longitudinal Data

Evidence Based Intervention

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How do we monitor student success for quality graduates?

Student insights allow you to analyze over 600 types of data to help you see how students are trending, how interventions affect trends, and what steps you should take to implement programs for your students.

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How do we plan programs for our budgets to meet student needs?

Information about course offerings, student groupings, and career needs help you to address the most students at one time. By seeing outlier information as well, you can work with other programs in the area to address needs.

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What data can we use to show trends for grant opportunities?

Data allows you to express both needs and impacts to be able to apply for grants, non-profit foundation funds, and corporate-sponsored programs to help your school align students with industry career paths.

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