Shamrck Receives Grant From NAACP & Beyoncé


Shamrck Software has been named a recipient of the Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund. The fund is a combined effort from the NAACP and Beyoncé‘s charitable organization, BeyGOOD. As an emerging business growing during the Covid-19 pandemic, Shamrck Software was  thousands of other applicants for the prestigious grant. 

BeyGOOD is a charitable foundation started by Beyoncé to provide aid to worthy causes around the world. The foundation looks for promising small businesses to assist. The selection process for the Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund is rigorous, and BeyGOOD chooses out of thousands of applicants to find only the most promising businesses. The fund is meant for those black-owned small businesses that warrant economic empowerment.

Shamrck Enterprise is a complete website and business management suite helping small business owners handle sales and marketing all in one place. The product of a combination of founder and CEO, Sheffie Robinson’s Touco Direct and WPClover, Shamrck is a U.S.-based tech firm dedicated to streamlining operations for the end-user. 

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