Your Business Needs A Development Team
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Why Your Business Needs a Development Team

A web development team builds your website inside and out. Your site is the face of the business and will be the first impression people have. DIY websites look, well, like someone who doesn't make websites tried to make one. A poorly designed site is a definite way to lose traffic. Hire a development team. It's just good business.

Who's on the team?
Back End Developer
The back end developer makes the website work. The functionality from clicking page to page relies on operations built behind the scenes. Your back end developer makes the magic happen.
Front End Developer
The front end developer helps control the ease of navigation can determine whether or not traffic stays on your site. The user experience is the most essential part of your website.
Web Designer
Web designers are here to make your website look good. They'll create your custom graphics and work with you on the overall feel of the site.
Pick the Right Team
You can try the do-it-yourself route, but at what point do you realize spending hours and hours of your valuable time making a mediocre website was a waste? It's time to hire a development team and get your website done right on the first try.
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