Workforce Development

Education in the Workforce

Education and workforce development is a critical issue in many communities and is often the most limited factor in economic development. Problems such as a mismatch of graduates and jobs, lack of opportunities, and poor communication between k-12 and parents, and even employers and educators.

By promoting education in workers, employers solidify and bolster their current workforce. New talent is geared for the current advances in the world as a rise in technical jobs replace manual labor.


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Behind the Stats

In every community, there is a class of worker often labeled “the working poor,” a significant portion of our workforce.

• 28 percent of American workers in 2011 earn poverty­level wages.
• 71.6 percent of families or individuals receiving public assistance under the age of 65 have someone in the household working

One of the most compelling reasons for communities to work to improve their education and workforce development capacities is that higher skills and education lead to higher incomes. So a community that makes a concerted effort over time to increase its educational and skill level will benefit from higher incomes, greater community prosperity and increased local government revenues.

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Improve Workforce

As of today more jobs and careers can be done from any community or location due to the use of broadband of internet in all aspects of a business enterprise. So a community examining its needs for education and workforce should not only look at the current needs of its employers but those economic sectors that have promise for growth and what would it take to move in that direction.

Tools such as Shamrck Education will help municipalities monitor talent retention and workforce development by tracking education. This provides the information needed to analyze their communities talents and skills entering the workforce and where additional focus should be tailored to improve the skills and education of those still in development.

For students Shamrck offers a plethora of resources to gain knowledge and experience that may otherwise not have been accessible to further their progression and overall development.

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