3 Reasons WordPress is Best for Businesses

Launched in 2003, WordPress is a content management system allowing users to build and edit websites. It now powers approximately 35% of all sites on the Internet. For perspective, there are about 1.3 Billion (yes, with a B) websites as of January 2020. Only 50% of those websites use any type of content management system, making WordPress the most dominant CMS for creating and managing sites. The system’s tools and resources are why WordPress is best for businesses. 

Building a website is a daunting task. Content management systems like WordPress let users create a website with little to no understanding of web development. The software runs on plugins powering every detail of the site down to the pop-up that asks for your email address. Since WordPress started as a place for bloggers to host content, it needed to be accessible and straightforward. Businesses caught on quickly because the system made the daunting task of creating a new website much more manageable. 

More importantly, building a website on a WordPress template meant less labor time and lower upfront costs. Over time, WordPress.org began offering free site templates to make getting online even easier for everyone. Today there are many website builders and content management systems to choose from, but here are three reasons WordPress is best for businesses.



WordPress comes with an abundance of built-in tools. There are thousands of templates that allow businesses to find a look that suits their brand. The simplicity enables a user to create a personalized look and feel within a few minutes of signing up. Many templates even offer guides or suggestions for where to put content or how to arrange the site.

From there, companies can choose plugins to power the functionality of the site. Plugins are nothing more than pieces of software that add new features or functions to the website. Some plugins are simple and offer basic services like contact forms so customers can reach you. Others are much more complex to fit analysis and marketing needs. 

For example, Formidable Forms is a WordPress form creation tool. Users can create data collection forms for nearly any purpose. The plugin is simple enough to use one-click, drag-and-drop features and build straightforward contact information forms. However, the software becomes more and more complicated, depending on the company’s needs. Not everyone needs forms with conditional logic or dynamic prefilled fields, but those features are present regardless. 

While the example above is an oversimplification, the plugin catalog contains tens of thousands of plugins offering businesses the flexibility to build the perfect website.



Like with any software, there will be issues. Some things will glitch, or integrations won’t work as they should. Sometimes you feel like you did everything right, but your website isn’t working correctly. It happens! WordPress.org has an excellent support setup, but many companies turn to WordPress management firms to handle support. 

Managed WordPress hosting and development firms like Shamrck handle every aspect of designing, building, and maintaining a website, which includes support. WordPress provides tools to help troubleshoot problems, but not everyone is tech-savvy enough to handle a complex issue. For a company with a complicated website, trying to troubleshoot on your own can make things worse. Website management firms help fix and improve sites based on user needs and requests. They can provide support without demanding too much of your time.

Luckily, the WordPress CMS has been around long enough for there to be plenty of other support options. Books, articles, and videos are all readily available to everyone, and support companies allow businesses to submit specific problems to fix. WordPress is one of the few software services with sufficient available support. 



Finally, WordPress has an unbeatable number of integrations with other software. Remember, WordPress powers 35 % of all websites worldwide. Any service software not trying to build a plugin to integrate their software is missing an incredibly vast audience.

Why does this matter to a business?

Just having a website isn’t enough for today’s businesses. Companies need ways to engage customers. Plugins that create pop-up forms to collect data are fantastic, but what comes next? WordPress integrations let a business connect an email service to a project management software to an internal communication platform. A potential customer can fill out a request for more information. Through seamless integrations, the prospect immediately receives an automated email, their contact information goes into your database, and a message goes out to your whole team, notifying you of a new prospect. Everything happens instantly.

WordPress integrations open a new world of functionality. During the rise of WordPress, connecting various aspects of your marketing, sales, and productivity was crushingly time-consuming. As more SaaS products became available, they began integrating more with the system. WordPress became a more powerful force for businesses to automate as much work as possible and become streamlined like never before.


Why WordPress is Best for Businesses

Despite the plethora of site-building options available, only WordPress combines the high-level simplicity of one-click creation tools with the depth of the ability to build custom plugins to fit specific needs. The system is more flexible than any other CMS in the world, but it wouldn’t be nearly as successful without the level of available support. From a photographer trying to show off a portfolio to the largest Fortune 500 companies, WordPress fits every necessity.

WordPress is best for businesses small and large because the system opens up customizability to every facet of a website. Companies can create interactive tools alongside in-depth sales funnels to engage customers and close sales, all without a single call or email. In short, WordPress works for businesses so that businesses don’t have to work to figure out how to build the perfect website.


Shamrck has years of experience with WordPress development and management. We’d love to talk more with you about your needs. Schedule some time to learn more and take the first step toward the perfect website. 


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