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 Creating a website is a daunting task for many beginners and small businesses. Companies like Wix and Shamrck offer tools and resources for website creation. Design and development can be painfully time-consuming. For business owners, this valuable time costs money and sacrifices customer service. The central part of creating a site is finding the right design to fit your brand. Working with premade themes and templates give you plenty of options and let you pick a look that works.

Wix and Shamrck both offer templates to get started, but since Shamrck offers WordPress built websites, you get more control over the final product. Wix provides an impressive portfolio of templates along with blank models to let you build from scratch. Wix also makes it easy to move around features like text boxes and images. It comes together into a customized but basic website. Shamrck provides several templates, but the use of WordPress explodes the availability of custom plugins and themes.

WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform. One look at the back-end dashboard of a WordPress site amplifies the simplicity of Wix’s system. The dashboard may seem overwhelming, but it is easy to follow and make edits to your website. Shamrck uses WordPress to help you design and develop the perfect site instead of settling for one that’s almost right. More than that, Shamrck provides a team of experts to help each step of the way.


What is Wix?

Wix is a website building platform that offers free website creation and hosting. The company prides itself on providing ready-made websites for beginners and small businesses to create an online presence. Wix offers several options for website themes and templates and makes simple customization more accessible. The platform falls short in several areas, however.

The free version offers a set amount of options and build-outs, which may not meet your needs. You’ll also have to deal with Wix advertisements on your site unless you decide to buy into a subscription. The free version also doesn’t come with premium support, which is another add-on found in the subscription versions.

The ease of use and free hosting makes Wix an instant contender for anyone looking to start a website, but after a little more digging, we see the need to buy into a subscription. Wix offers four tiers of subscriptions. Mostly, the subscriptions help with removing ads to give your brand priority. You’ll start to get better support services, more storage, and the ability to connect your domain.

The biggest problem with using Wix is the utter lack of back-end help. There are no services to help with maintenance, scalable development, or automation. The platform doesn’t lend itself to anything more than putting content on a website.


You get what you pay for

Wix offers a free product, but it is so limited, users have little to no control over anything aside from what content goes on their website. Wix hosts their websites on physical servers around the world, which has a higher risk of security breaches and crashes. There are no health scans or performance monitoring.

The limited amount of storage on the free version is another enormous drawback. Photographers, bloggers, marketers, and other content-heavy businesses are forced to buy into the subscription tiers to get enough storage. Videographers have to buy into the subscription tiers merely to house 30 minutes or more of video.

Wix also forces customers to buy into a subscription to connect their domain. Regardless of if you already have one or get one through Wix, you won’t see any valuable analytics without connecting your domain. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are available but not on the free, basic product.


Get what you need

As a Wix alternative, Shamrck offers website templates, design, development, hosting, and everything else with a comprehensive WordPress solution. Everything Wix offers for free and everything provided in the premium subscriptions are covered in the Shamrck Starter kit. Wix focuses almost exclusively on the front-end of your website except for helpful web-apps. Shamrck helps design and build your customer-facing content with expert advice. However, Shamrck handles something much more crucial, maintenance.

Shamrck’s cloud hosting gives you the peace of mind of a secure, fast server, and developing a site on WordPress opens many possibilities. The most valuable product offered in a WordPress solution is maintenance. Shamrck continually monitors your website for potential security issues and keeps all of your plugins up-to-date to make sure your website is operating correctly.

The best part about a managed WordPress solution is knowing you’re getting the best website possible, regularly maintained, and with a team of experts in support of any needs. Unlike the rigid setup of Wix, Shamrck allows you to make unlimited WordPress requests to add functionality or tweak your site for better performance. From your initial idea to launch day and beyond, Shamrck makes sure you get the website you need without losing the time-consuming stress of securing and maintaining it.

Wix provides an inexpensive solution to a complicated problem. Your website is your face for your customers. If you only need your phone number and logo on a website, maybe a free, elementary website is the best choice. If you’re like most companies, you’ll want your website to stand out, showcase your brand, and customized to your exact needs.

Managed WordPress solutions provide all of those needs and much more at a manageable cost. Wix simply can’t begin to offer the same level of service on the front-end or back-end as Shamrck. Building and managing a website is a daunting task to do right. You need a plan to help you save time and money on your way to an engaging product you can be proud of.


We would love the chance to talk more about your needs. Reach out today, so we can show you how much value a managed WordPress solution provides.

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