Marketing Automation for Your Business
For Your Business

Marketing is difficult, and more importantly, it’s time-consuming. You can’t spend all day sending out emails, posting to social media, or building campaigns from scratch. Luckily, your website can help.

Shamrck makes it easier than ever with automation tools built into your site. You can come up with a marketing idea, set it, and forget it.

Tools like email marketing, form creation, and others let you automate marketing by allowing you to schedule automated outreach and keep your customers in the loop.

Keeping up with other forms or marketing like posting relevant content also helps with traffic. Features like OnPage SEO assists with search engine operation. Given 91% of search engine traffic clicks on the first page, taking advantage of SEO opportunities is crucial. Adding content to your site is an excellent start.

We want to help you use your website to automate your marketing and give you back the time you need to run your business. Click the button start a free trial Shamrck and get back to work.

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