Understanding the Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Understanding the Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Is an Apprenticeship the Right Step for You and Your Future?

In the wake of the pandemic, we have found ourselves faced with “critical gaps in the skills needed” that present a renewed need for apprenticeships. Many employers are incredibly busy and find they have no time to try to fill these gaps in learning, development, and reskilling. The pandemic’s increase in remote work has been both a blessing and a curse, the negative side demonstrated by things like managers stretched thin, unable to meet the needs of individual employees as people become more distanced geographically and without in-person, one-on-one contact.

Shamrck would like to help you understand how an apprenticeship can help you as well as some of the benefits of such programs.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship.gov defines an apprenticeship as: “Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential.” It is a paid job that provides you with much-needed credentials, to learn practical skills, jumpstart your career, earn college credit, and put you in touch with industry professionals to become your mentors and guide your career. 

Apprenticeships have been a traditional way to build skills for decades. They provide an opportunity for people who want hands-on experience and offer something different than going through school alone. They can be just as beneficial for those that do want to pursue postsecondary education as those pursuing trade jobs. 

What are the Benefits of an Apprenticeship?

Acquiring skills and workplace experience is the biggest benefit of an apprenticeship. Which makes apprenticeships perfect for the businesses seeking to recover from the impact of Covid. Employees have become more difficult to find, let alone qualified, highly-trained, motivated employees. Apprenticeships are a solution to that particular dilemma, allowing employees to gain the experience and skills they need to succeed. Additionally it allows employers to successfully delegate work to people they have invested time and knowledge in (with confidence in the quality of work), all while teaching a colleague and helping them grow. 

In addition to allowing the significant learning that is needed to make employees become capable and knowledgeable, apprenticeships create a company culture, and an essential appreciation of developing employees. Apprenticeships are a skill-building tool that promote further learning in an inclusive environment. 

Apprenticeships allow you the opportunity to learn while you earn. While it is true that you will learn many things in college, there’s nothing like the hands-on experience of working with an employer. Apprenticeships are beneficial instead of or in conjunction with a college education. Either way, you are getting invaluable skills for a job that interests you.

Many students are looking for just that: a way to build their skills and gain experience in a field that they may be interested in. Apprenticeships allow you the opportunity to do both of these things. However, many people don’t know what an apprenticeship is or why it’s important. According to Apprenticeship.gov, 94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship get a job, and the average annual salary is impressive at $70,000. 

In today’s economy, with the far reaching effects of the pandemic, it is important for students to get a head start on building skills. Apprenticeships are a great option for both high school and college students looking to do that while paying their dues in the workforce. 

Apprenticeships Connect You to Mentors

Apprenticeships provide an extraordinary opportunity to learn essential skills from experienced professionals, and maybe even gain a mentor to help guide you through your fledgling career. Applying these lessons learned can help you become more valuable in today’s competitive workforce.

Building skills is a continuous process that must be applied over time. Apprenticeships offer the opportunity for individuals to learn new things and develop practical application of those lessons with help from knowledgeable mentors. This can lead them to successful career paths featuring well-paying, long-term careers with even more earning potential as time goes on. The value in an apprenticeship isn’t just about learning how certain tasks or processes work but also figuring out your own strengths while building on weaknesses so you become better in all areas.  As previously stated, with the current state of affairs following the pandemic, the economy in tatters, and shortage of skilled workers, apprenticeships are more important than ever.

How to Promote Apprenticeships?

It is critical for employers to work on expanding access to apprenticeships. Underrepresented populations have the most to gain from such efforts, needing access to quality, work-based learning. Despite the tremendous benefits, apprenticeships require a great deal of effort at the various political levels to advocate for their survival, thereby assisting with economic recovery and sustainability. Additionally, it is the young people entering the workforce who also have a great deal to gain from apprenticeships as they often are unprepared for the rapidly changing workforce and their education frequently fails to adequately address these needs.  


Apprenticeships are an engaging and hands-on way to learn new skills they may not be able to explore otherwise. They can be done in person, online, or through an internship program. With the right guidance and mentorship with a knowledgeable individual, apprentices can not only gain experience, but also feel confident in their abilities. Encourage students to engage in an apprenticeship if they want a fulfilling and rewarding career that will help them make money, while improving their skill set at the same time.

If you want more information on apprenticeships and careers, or if you need help deciding which one might suit you, Shamrck provides personalized learning plans and can connect you with local resources tailored to your interests. Visit the Shamrck platform to help you consider your options and decide what skilled profession is right for you. 

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