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As talent becomes more scarce in certain sectors, it’s important for business to create innovative ways to attract and retain talent. Remote work opens up the ability for business to attract talent from far distances to impact the growth of their company.

With project-based opportunities called Micro-Internships, businesses can hire young talent to complete projects that introduce them to a potential career, give them real world experience in that career, and create a pipeline for talent that can help business interact with local talent as well as engage remote students.


Tips to Help You Find Trade Jobs

Behind the Stats

The education to industry pipeline represents numerous stakeholders that seek to solve workforce issues.

  • 40 percent of employers struggle to find skilled professionals for open positions in the company
  • 60 percent of employers complain about the lack of preparation of workers, even in entry level positions¬†
  • Over $23T in GDP losses over the last decade due to skills gap

Effective training in the workforce has to be address across 5 components: programs, modular instruction, specialized training, practical experience, regular assessments.


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Improve Talent

As of today more jobs and careers can be done from any location due to the use of broadband of internet in all aspects of a business enterprise. A company examining its needs and its budget and work with talent to bolster certain sectors and increase retention for the future workforce of that career.

Tools such as Shamrck will help business solve problems with project-based opportunities for high school students and be introduced to an new talent pool excited and trained, to work for you.

Decline of Trade Skills in The Education System