Manage Remote Teams with Shamrck

Manage Remote Teams with Shamrck

Manage Remote Teams with Shamrck


Many companies are going remote to manage the day to day operations and keep their business running. Using entirely, or partially, remote employees free businesses up to hire talent around the country or even around the world. Additionally, operating on a remote team sheds a lot of overhead costs that will allow a business to continue to thrive. Companies don’t have to worry about renting a commercial space or stocking break rooms. There are no electric bills or maintenance staff to manage. The cost savings alone are worth exploring if you can manage it.

There are some excellent reasons to maintain office space. Employees get to socialize during work and face to face meetings help generate more engagement. Luckily, there are ways to mimic an office space for remote employees. Conferencing tools like WebEx and Zoom allow employees to share screens, use video conferences, and drawing tools to simulate a whiteboard.

The goal of the remote business model is to create a different approach to managing operations. Your website can give you all the tools you might need.


Develop a company intranet.

Intranets are a way for you to open up what is essentially a website dedicated to your employees. Companies use them to disseminate internal messages among other value prospects. The intranet can serve as a comprehensive knowledge base for the company. You can store company policies, handbooks, and contact information, so everyone is up to date with organizational clarity.

Intranets are also a great way to simplify onboarding. As mentioned, an internal knowledge base is beneficial, but storing onboarding paperwork, training articles, and general guidelines for new employees is an excellent way to get them up to speed quickly.

Finally, intranets provide a unique opportunity for employees from all over the country to communicate and recognize one another. Peer reviews, an employee of the month initiative, and an open forum for conversation are all great ways to get your employees engaged with each other. Simple things like congratulating one another on projects or sales can go a long way toward high morale productivity.

Intranets help take the place of an office space for remote teams. Owners and managers can engage directly with employees an an individual level as well as through group notifications. They are valuable to remote teams due to the ability to work at or as close to an physical office as possible. The quality of work produced by a team with a functioning intranet can match or exceed an in-person office space if managed properly.


Take advantage of integrated communication.

The number of systems and software that integrate with websites is staggeringly high. For a business owner looking to manage a remote team, this flexibility opens up several options and opportunities for internal and external communication.

We already discussed how using an intranet can help internally, but your website is just as capable of communicating with web traffic externally. Website chat features are some of the most common ways customers/prospects can easily get in touch with quick questions or issues. For instance, LiveChat is a service that lets you communicate in real-time with visitors and records the conversation for future reference. LiveChat is highly rated and affordable with many options available so that you can find the one that fits your site best.

For businesses that want to keep a presence on the phone, you can use VoIP services. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Essentially, you can have a full telephone system through a plugin in your site. Of course, there are several options to choose from, so explore and find the one that suits your needs best. InFlo is a versatile software used for VoIP calls and comes highly recommended by customers such as Toyota and Keller Williams. Before deciding on a service, review the features offered so you can pick the best solution for your remote team.


Manage Internal Communication

Independent communication services help to keep your team in contact via instant messages, but they also have powerful plugins to interact with your website. Remote employees need the ability to see constant updates as new developments happen with the business. Whether those developments are new sales, new sign-ups, or new comments, your site has the tools to connect your team.

For instance, integrating your Slack channel into your website lets users post comments or articles into your website which will immediately notify everyone in the Slack channel. This feature can be helpful for notifications about customer sign-ups or form completions since it will update the entire team.

Other services like Zapier will integrate with several different programs. Zapier uses a series of automated triggers, or Zaps, to complete an automation process. For example, a new visitor to your website can sign up for your newsletter, which triggers Mailchimp to send a welcome email, which then triggers a Slack notification to the team without anyone having to handle anything manually.

Integrated services are excellent ways to automate many of your day-to-day operations freeing up more time for your employees to focus on more important tasks. The ability to be in constant contact with them by sending notifications through your website is important when trying to manage a team in different timezones. Remote teams need all the help they can get as far as internal communication is concerned, so we recommend exploring some other options like Slack or Microsoft Teams until you find one that works for you.


Shamrck and remote teams

Switching to a remote team requires a fundamental shift in understanding how business can be done. The days of cubicles and conference rooms are over since resources like Shamrck offer so many tools to help you manage a remote team. With the plethora of available services, Shamrck can meet nearly every need you might have.

From an intranet for employees only to external communication programs like chat and VoIP to internal communication services, Shamrck has a solution to fit your business. Going remote can be an enormous boost to your company’s growth by shedding overhead and promoting a “do more with less” mentality. Remote employees tend to be more efficient and produce at a higher level, and your website is the key ingredient to managing your team.


Starting a remote business or transitioning to one is a stressful task, but we have some experience over here! We’d love to talk a little more with you about what it would take to get your remote team off the ground. Reach out and talk about your needs with our experts to get started!



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