5 Project Management Plugins for WordPress

5 Project Management Plugins for WordPress

5 Project Management Plugins for WordPress

Online project management continues to grow as a staple of the modern business world. With so many companies doing business on the web, the ability to convey important critical quicker and more concisely has become a powerful competitive advantage. There are many third-party tools to help, but integrating a project management plugin into your own website may be more straightforward.

For business owners and project managers, time is the most valuable resource. Project management plugins like the ones below help free up time by automating and organizing many aspects of your project. More importantly, the ability to integrate into your website eliminates the need to utilize other products or web portals, saving you money and, best of all, time.

The list of project management plugins is long, but here are our picks for the top five.



We’ll start with Projectopia. What began as an in-house solution for a web agency has now found itself embedded in thousands of WordPress websites. Projectopia, formerly named CQPIM, has powerful options such as a separate client dashboard, support ticket features, workflow control, and more. For the reasonable price of $49, this is a jam-packed plugin for those willing to spend a little.


Project Panorama

Project Panorama is one of our favorite project management plugins on this list. If you want to give your client an incredible visual experience, Panorama is your best bet. This all-in-one solution emphasizes user-friendliness with simple data diagrams. You can even add detailed milestones to all your projects to show clients their current status at any time. You also can customize the plugin to match your branding. This look and feel is a great way to impress clients with your professionalism. These features do come at the cost of around $70/year for an average membership. We think the price is well worth it!


WP Project Manager

The team behind WP Project Manager, weDevs, has been making plugins since 2008. This particular plugin has seen over 4000+ active downloads. It has all the functions you need to take project management into your own hands and includes some bells and whistles too. Features like user roles, manager assignment, project visibility, project statuses, and more make this plugin a worthy replacement for Basecamp or Asana. One of the best parts of this plugin is the support team behind it. weDevs will likely get back to you quickly in the event of any technical issues.


Upstream Project Management

This plugin by Upstream boasts excellent reviews on WordPress.org, though it hasn’t been as popular as others on this list. The one thing you can know for certain when downloading this project management tool is that you will not be incurring any costs. This plugin is completely free at all levels with features such as Milestones & Tasks (that can be linked), Bug/Issue Tracker, Upload Files & Documents, Project Discussion thread, and more.


Kanban for WordPress

Kanban for WordPress is a powerful plugin with task organization tools similar to Asana or WP Project Manager by WeDevs. Where Kanban shows off is the ability to integrate with other products seamlessly. Programs like Zapier, Google Drive, DropBox, and even Jira (with a Chrome extension) are all ready to work with the Kanban plugin. Despite being so versatile, Kanban is easy to learn and get started. The Pro version clocks in at $149/year but comes with all kinds of new goodies to incorporate. For businesses operating with multiple other software, Kanban is undoubtedly worth a look.


Project management plugins exist to lighten the load on you and your team. The automation alone helps save your business labor hours without sacrificing speed or quality. You may only need to bring in a freelance project manager to provide the manual maintenance and put on the finishing touches. Any time you can save on projects is more time you have to work directly with your customers.

Regardless of your business goals, there is one plugin on this list that will help you complete projects on time. Explore these different options and see if they make you want to ditch your third-party software. If you find the right plugin, you’ll never have to leave your dashboard again!

We want to talk with you about your goals and how project management plugins can help you achieve them. Reach out for a consultation and let’s get started!


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