5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog


Why do company websites maintain a blog? Online stores shouldn’t need to write articles about clothes to get customers to buy a shirt. How can writing blog posts help a restaurant chain drive more business? The truth is every industry is constantly changing. Cooking trends update frequently, and the content needs to keep with the times.

Blogs are an online series of pages with articles. As opposed to academic articles, blogs tend to be much more informal and conversational. They typically run 800-1,000 and can cover almost any topic. These online articles allow the writers, or bloggers, to use a comfortable writing style to convey information about their business, industry, or everyday life. 

For businesses, writing blog posts serve several purposes. Websites are no longer optional for companies. Businesses, large and small, maintain blog posts in addition to the more traditional elements of a website. We’ll talk about why your website needs a blog, and what it can do for your business. 

Here are five reasons you need to start a blog immediately.



One of the most heavily weighted search algorithms revolves around fresh, relevant content. For SEO, a popular blog is essential. Search engines like Google use a series of query algorithms to rank websites. The results aren’t usually turning up articles from 15 years ago. We need to see the most recent information available. Search engines prioritize keywords and phrases, so writing new content isn’t always enough. We need to be specific.

Another tactic we need to consider for SEO purposes is volume. We need to flood the web with keyword dense content. Remember, search engines look for fresh content, so active websites are more likely to perform well in searches. Write with a focus on the exact topic you think will attract traffic and new business. This method will help you write several pieces with a similar concept, so you begin to grow your optimization organically.


Show your expertise

Blogs are a phenomenal way to increase organic SEO, but additionally, blog posts are an opportunity to show off your knowledge of the industry. Most people don’t want to learn biology from a historian. We want an authority in the field. A regularly updated blog is how you prove you are the expert. Industries change and progress every day. You need to show you’re keeping up and that customers can trust your expertise.


Connect with your customers

Since blog posts follow a conversational tone, you can be a little more informal. Academic articles feel stuffy and unrelatable, but blogs can convey the same level of information in a much more readable way. Writing in a conversational style helps your readers connect with you and put a personality to the words instead of only a name.

Connecting with your customers carries another benefit, repeat traffic. When you write excellent content that engages readers, they tend to come back for more. That effect keeps them on your site longer and more likely to convert from reader to customer. Repeat traffic is a gold mine. Don’t overlook it!



Choosing your topics can be tricky. How do you know what to write about? The main question to answer is who your target demographic is. Unless you run a very niche market, you’ll probably have several demographics. The goal is to write each post with one demographic in mind.

Imagine running a culinary website. New and creative recipes pop up every day, but really, everyone is making a variation of an old dish. What brings in the traffic for your site is your blog content. You can tell stories of how you came up with recipes. Hunting for bakers? Write about your first baking experience, what you learned, how to bake your dish, and where to buy your cookbook. You connected with bakers, in particular, shared your recipe, and sold your product. Win-win-win!

While that example is for a cooking site, the same recipe (get it?) applies to any field. Determine who you want to reach and write directly to that group.


Helps build your email list

First, if you don’t have an email list of customers and potential customers, stop reading now and get started on one. Email lists are crucial for everything from announcing giveaways to providing business advice to just flat making sure people know you’re still there. Regular email blasts are also a great way to refer old visitors back to your website with links to new posts or announcements. 

Blog posts can help build that email list. Websites use various ways to gather email information, but one of the most popular ways is requiring visitors to sign up for a newsletter to continue reading a post. We also use pop-ups or a good old-fashioned invitation to subscribe at the bottom of the page. No matter what method you use, the crucial ingredient is excellent content. People will only want to sign up if they look forward to reading more of your work.


Blog posts are not only an essential part of a modern business website, but they can also be fun! Connecting with a targeted demographic of potential customers to write content regularly is excellent for you and your team too. Blogging is an outlet to show what you know and write with your own voice. The benefit of organic SEO growth is a by-product of a quality blog. 

If you don’t know where to start, visit some other websites utilizing regular blog posts (like this one!) in your field and see how they’re approaching the task. You know your business and your industry better than most. Pick a topic and start writing!

Still not sure where to get started? Or, maybe you just need a little guidance. Schedule an appointment with experts at Shamrck for a one-to-one conversation on starting a blog or some tips and tricks on improving.


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