Squarespace Alternative: Shamrck Redefines Service

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More and more business owners are turning to all-in-one website building services like Squarespace and Wix, but the convenience of a plug and play website comes at a cost. Simple website creation tools make launching an online presence as easy as picking a layout. Customers can browse the database of (as advertised) beautiful templates, purchase the one that they want, and fill their site with content.

Or so it would seem.

Squarespace, in particular, prides itself on providing “beautiful” site templates and layouts. To be fair, they deliver. Their websites look sleek and give an impression of a high dollar development firm. Not unlike other site creation services, Squarespace has options for customizing layouts, adding content, and even creating an eCommerce space. Unlike other services, there is no free option for a website. Plans start at $12/month to cover the most basic needs.

The problems begin when users try to dig deeper. The front-end features of the system look great, and Squarespace offers excellent customer support. However, the back-end management of the site is much more difficult. The interface is clunky for anyone who doesn’t know how to code or develop. Small things like Google Analytics or Facebook redirects are hard to get to in the advanced settings. Since many businesses rely on automation and third parties, Squarespace’s inability to easily integrate other services is a significant pitfall.

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You get what you pay for

Squarespace doesn’t offer a free version for website creation. Each plan is limited to one website, and some of the lower tiers put a cap on how many pages a user can have. The service is not built for websites with a deep hierarchy map, so more expansive sites will have issues. The company tries to market to both owners with no website experience and those who want some control over the development aspect. Unfortunately, there is some give and take.

For business owners who know nothing about coding or developing, trying to load or edit content can be difficult. Squarespace has excellent customer service, but learning the system can still be frustrating. Helpful tools like Analytics and SEO functions are limited, and integrating other extensions and applications usually requires someone familiar with coding. Using Shamrck as a Squarespace alternative lessens the amount of time and work that goes into integrating these tools.

For site owners with more experience with development, the back-end management is awkward and a little bit touchy. The code injection function in the advanced area lets you customize certain aspects, but it’s not easy and can be time-consuming. Just like with any other coding or development, improper codes can throw the website out of whack, which defeats the purpose of an easy-to-use creation service.


Shamrck versus Squarespace

Shamrck also offers options for different layouts. Rather than settling for what’s already there, we will customize the look and feel to fit your brand, which also bleeds over into the development side. The drag and drop options offered by Squarespace are functional but not flexible. Your website not only looks how you want it but also it functions precisely how you imagined.


Our team works directly with you to take your initial idea and turn it into the exact website you wanted. There are no automated services or the anonymity of generic customer service lines. You work directly with our team. Squarespace gives you the option to add advanced tools like analytics and redirects, but we take care of all of those advanced steps during the creation.

The most crucial differences come from our ability to manage your live website. The back-end interface on Squarespace can be challenging to navigate, but with a managed WordPress solution, you never have to worry about making functional changes. Shamrck builds your website in WordPress, making it extremely quick and painless to make extensive changes when needed. You only need to tell us what changes to make. Businesses grow, and you need a website that scales with you.

Squarespace has an impressive out-of-the-box hosting service that’s available in the monthly cost. They handle site security, and page speeds start high. They have redundancies in place in case of a server breakdown, but websites are generally “just a number” when it comes to hosting and security. Shamrck uses cloud hosting for protection and to guarantee fast page speeds. We also run daily site tests on your to scan for potential security threats or other issues.


Ecommerce and other tools

Squarespace boasts several templates and plans to help with eCommerce specific websites. Depending on the plan, customers may have a limit on how many items they can list and can pay a 3% transaction fee back to the company. Shamrck offers excellent resources for eCommerce sites. The extensive amount of available plugins and our ability to custom build tools means more involved eCommerce and WooCommerce customers have everything they need to succeed.

An overlooked, but a valuable resource for any business is the ability to integrate several services. Squarespace does not offer much in the way of simple integrations. Trying to use a third-party integration can require hiring a developer to inject the integration code. Shamrck specializes in helping facilitate integrations with helpful services like Zapier. These third-party services save time and money, helping you focus on your business instead of tinkering with your website.


Squarespace lives up to the advertisement that it offers convenient creation service with beautifully made templates. However, the resources and tools begin to fall off sharply. Using a Squarespace alternative like managed WordPress solution like Shamrck, website creation and beautiful layouts are merely the beginning. Collaborative design, custom development, constant monitoring, and seamless integrations add up to a stress-free, hands-off website you can launch with confidence.

We would love to talk more with you about the differences in a generic website creation tool versus a WordPress solution. Reach out today, and we can start right away.


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