Our CEO is Databird’s Women in Business “Rising Star”


Sheffie Robinson, founder and CEO of Shamrck Software, has been announced the winner of Databird Business Journal’s 2020 Women in Business Rising Star award for female entrepreneurs under 40. Sheffie beat out female entrepreneurs from across the country for the prestigious award. 

Databird Business Journal is a website and publication with a focus on women’s empowerment in business to help achieve a just and sustainable world. The journal works with experts around the country to deliver content and insights from a dynamic group of industry leaders. 

The 2020 Women in Business Awards are a celebration of the top women around the business world. Categories included Entrepreneur of the Year (1-25 Employees), Entrepreneur of the Year (25-100 Employees), and Entrepreneur of the Year – Nonprofit, among others. Sheffie’s work over the last 12 months as the head of Shamrck Software earned the Rising Star award for female entrepreneurs under 40. 

Sheffie’s start as an entrepreneur began at age 12 when she started coding software. Through years of hard work and perseverance, Sheffie launched Touco Direct in 2015. In 2019, Sheffie launched WPClover to help small business owners create a website. In 2020, the two companies merged into Shamrck Software

Shamrck is a complete website and business management suite built to help small businesses handle all of their sales and marketing in one location. The end-user focus of Shamrck’s platform makes it perfect for businesses of any size to maintain an engaging online presence and have the time it takes to effectively run their business. 

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