Shamrck Fellow of United For America Luminary

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Shamrck Software has been selected for the United for America Luminary Fellowship dedicated to working with female owned enterprises. United for America, a movement led by Unilever joined with Luminary to provide resources to emerging small businesses. Luminary works with women-owned businesses to be a part of a large network of resources. It is a first-of-its-kind hub for women and women-identified professionals who are passionate about development and becoming more successful.

As one of only 250 businesses nationwide to be selected, Shamrck is garnering attention as a growing minority woman-owned small business. The United for America Luminary Fellowship serves as a leap forward in both awareness and advancement for the company. United for America powered by Unilever works to give female small business owners the tools and resources they need to be successful. As a recipient of the fellowship, Shamrck is poised as an emerging, female owned small business contributing to Luminary and Unilever’s commitment to other small business owners. 

Shamrck Enterprise is a complete website and business management suite helping small business owners handle sales and marketing all in one place. The product of a combination of founder and CEO, Sheffie Robinson’s Touco Direct and WPClover, Shamrck is a U.S.-based tech firm dedicated to streamlining operations for the end-user. 

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