Sell Courses to Grow Your Business

For better or worse, we always want to show off what we know about various topics. As businesses, this need to show our expertise helps set us above the competition. It’s why we load our websites with blog posts, articles (like this one!), and online courses. 

Sometimes, businesses take it a step further and blast out live webinars on different topics. The subject might be on trends in the industry or instructions on how to use a product. The benefit of a webinar is the ability to interact with visitors in real-time. Webinars can also be what we call “evergreen,” which means they can be standalone content after the webinar concludes. 

Another way we share our knowledge is through creating a learning management system, or LMS. We use LMS for creating and selling online courses to customers as well as training and onboarding new employees.

Now is the time to start selling online courses to grow your business.

Create Extra Income.

Unless you opened your business not to make money, finding additional income streams is incredibly essential. What’s better than extra income? Extra passive income! The beauty of creating evergreen online courses is receiving tacet income for as long as your class is active. 

There is an incredible demand for online learning. Yes, you can write articles and post videos, but interactive courses show a different level of effort and expertise. The best part is you only need to create a course once. The right system will have customers buying the course over and over. Upfront time and monetary investment may not seem worth it to some business owners. After all, every minute spent away from customers is a minute, not making more money. 

Luckily, there are dozens of online course creation tools. Many of them are incredibly straightforward to use and reasonably priced. Services like LearnDash and LifterLMS provide plenty of tools to build an engaging course to bring potential customers. 

So how much can you sell a course? Statistically, the average is approximately $183. However, outliers are driving that number higher. Realistically, the majority of classes are sold somewhere between $5-$50. The choice is ultimately yours, so the most critical aspect of choosing a price point is knowing your worth. If you believe your course is worth $100, start there.

The best research you can do is try it out. For a business looking to draw a little more profit, online courses are a great start. 


Acquire New Customers

Potential customers want to know they’re working with the best. They want to know you’re an expert. How better to show off your expertise than a challenging and engaging online course? We mentioned the financial benefits of building online courses, but let’s talk about using them as a way to acquire new customers.

One extremely effective way is to start with an online course but provide the opportunity to take advantage of your expertise as a customer. Use a free class as a gateway into more in-depth services that you offer. That may refer to more available courses to help teach your customers. Your additional services may be a “let us take over” mentality where you prove that a do-it-yourself method has limitations. 

For example, you sell an online course with the basics of using blog posts to promote SEO. Businesses looking to grow and become more visible need exposure. It’s simple supply and demand. However, your SEO course is introductory and doesn’t dive too deeply into the subject. Sure, customers can use what they learned from the first course and see how they do, but by building a useful online system, you’re proving you can do more for them.

Now, they’re going to turn to you to handle more of their SEO needs. You can turn a $50 online course into a $50/mo subscription. New customers are far more valuable than any single online course.

Whatever your strategy is, creating an online course is a straightforward way to grow your business. If you haven’t considered online learning as a sales tactic, you are behind the times. Start building your courses now, and watch the effect on your customer base.


Customer Service

 What happens once your leads become customers? How do you train them to use your product? Onboarding new customers is challenging, but online courses are incredibly effective at teaching your customers the basics.

But don’t stop there. Help your customers understand your product and basic training, but show them your investment in their success. Continued education and training is a cornerstone of building value. Build elevated courses that go deeper into the product and everything it can do. 

You are always at risk of losing customers. Building loyalty is as fundamental as showing customers you care. Giving them every opportunity to succeed is a vital part of customer service, including continued online learning.


Building online courses to show off your expertise is a fantastic way to make a little more money, acquire new customers, and hang onto the ones you already have. As we said, there are dozens of software options to choose from, so now is an excellent time to get started. But don’t take our word for it. Do some research on how other companies in your field utilize online learning to engage new and potential customers.

 Once a customer signs, onboarding can be tricky and slow-moving without the proper tools and process in place, especially if your product has a steep learning curve. Embracing online learning will be challenging, but your customers’ understanding of your product is paramount as a business owner.


The team at Shamrck knows your time is valuable. We want to help by providing a full website and business management suite, letting you free up time to focus on things like online courses. Reach out and get started on your demo to see how the Shamrck platform fits your business.



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