Empower Your Students with Career Prep

Help student find their ideal career, provide counselors with career info, connect your school with local industry and career pipelines to grow student success



Personalized Career Options for Students


Work-based Learning Opportunities

Resources and Internships Available

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Guidance for Your Students

Our AI system maps student interests to high growth careers with ties to your local community

Internships, Camps, Mentors & More

Local resources join your school’s village to prepare them for their chosen career while in middle & high school

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Personalized Learning

The personalized learning plan helps students take the right classes in school to prepare them for their careers.

We Be-Leaf in the Future of Our Kids

Resume Builder

Students practice building resumes, writing cover letters, and practice job interviews

Work-Based Learning

Students put new skills to practice in real-world situations to boost confidence

Community Connection

Access to local resources helps student connect with community industries and leaders

"It is amazing! I wish I had this in high school, middle school even. This will help you, even as a guidance counselor, and help you guide your student into any career path they wish. Everyone should tap into this now!

- Shayla Bryant
Homeschool Counselor
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Career help for middle and high school students

Learn about careers and get prepared 



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Students can get started with learning potential careers at no cost. Find the perfect career today.