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Are You Wasting Time? 
As a business owner, wasting time takes on a different meaning. Your first priority is your customer, so any time spent away from them could be losing you money.
Where does the time go?

Too much time can be spend on menial tasks that could be automated

Imagine having a form on your website that will automatically add an email to your email list, immediately send a welcome email to the subscriber, and notify you that you have a new lead.
Without making a single phone call, you have a new lead, sent straight to your inbox, and ready to be worked. Now, your lead needs nurturing. Enter email drip campaigns, which will periodically send emails to your new lead (or hopefully customer!) letting them know about any new deals or just a friendly "hello."
Put It All Together
Working with Shamrck to incorporate automation software like Zapier can help free up time to let you focus more on your customers
Time Well Spent!
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