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We map and enhance the student career journey.


Annual Aptitude Assessment

Each year, we assess what students have learned on the platform to help them further pinpoint their career paths. This helps students see improvement over time and helps districts measure student trends.


Regularly Updated Content

Information is regularly updated to give students refreshed resources, new workforce readiness information, more micro-credential opportunities and so much more!

Location Specific Resources

Students see available information within a 50 miles radius to help decrease access barriers, increase equity, and promote programs that provide student help.

Our Philosphy

We seek to use technology to solve social impact goals to make the world a better place for everyone in our future.

Our Mission

To solve racial and gender equity in careers with access to resources and education for professional growth.

Our Vision

We hope to give our future workforce a fighting chance against the trials of COVID-19 era education and balance socioeconomic stressors.