Why we do what we do

Since 2015

Shamrck has been connecting technology with marginalized communities to solve problems in business and education for over 6 years, with a social impact goal to impact future generations.

Our Story

One day, we built an amazing tool to help businesses provide better content for their website visitors. Then, COVID-19 hit and our children’s education became collateral damage in the wake of a pandemic crisis. We transformed that tool in order to provide better career and technical education options for students to support the needs of the next-generation workforce.

In our goal to bring resources and opportunities to all kids, we saw the need to increase equity and efficacy in access to these resources as well as create a standard that can help education systems use thousands of data points to establish more effective career and technical education parameters.

From our remote team spread across the United States, we see how we can help generations to come and we accept the charge. We are a minority woman-owned, military spouse led organization that will do all we can to close the gap in racial and gender equity for all.

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Our Philosphy

We seek to use technology to solve social impact goals to make the world a better place for everyone in our future.

Our Mission

To solve racial and gender equity in careers with access to resources and education for professional growth.

Our Vision

We hope to give our future workforce a fighting chance against the trials of COVID-19 era education and balance socioeconomic stressors.

"It is amazing! I wish I had this in high school, middle school even. This will help you, even as a guidance counselor, and help you guide your student into any career path they wish. Everyone should tap into this now!

– Shayla Bryant
Homeschool Counselor
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