Move from Squarespace to WordPress
It's time to make the switch from Squarespace to Wordpress

What makes Wordpress better? 

Wordpress is much more dynamic. Squarespace puts you in a box, and all of it's sights are virtually the same. With Wordpress, the possibilities are endless. Using the right developer, you can create the perfect website designed to use your specific standards instead of someone else's. The intricate capabilities of Wordpress are invaluable to a company trying to define an online presence. Squarespace limits your options to the point where you can become frustrated over what should be simple features. 

Moving to Wordpress opens a vast array of opportunities to improve your brand and increase your traffic. The only question is, why haven't you moved over?

Moving to Wordpress from Squarespace isn't overly challenging, but there are a few steps to follow. 

Export content from Squarespace.

Import images to Wordpress site.

Point domain to new Wordpress domain.

Configure permalinks.

Import content to Wordpress site.

Recreate website template using Divi.

The move to Wordpress is inevitable for many users. The limitations from Squarespace hurt growth and the design limits make you build their website. 
Don't you want to build your own website, based on your needs? 
Get started with Shamrck and see what it means to have limitless possibilities. 
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