Internship Facts

Internship Facts

Facts About the Benefits of Internship Experience

Have you ever tried looking for a job? Then you’ll know how hard it is to actually compete for a job in this market. Not to mention, most employers want “experienced” candidates. So how are we supposed to get this experience without a job?

That’s where internships come in! Internships are productive, fun, and even valuable for your CV- and we have the internship facts to prove it. Internships help you learn new things, acquire new skills, and get trained by experts in your field. Some internships are paid which means you actually get paid to intern. The business gains help and the intern gains experience.

It’s really a win-win situation for the interns and company since they’re both getting something out of the deal. Shamrck works to connect interns and businesses to promote this cohesive relationship. If you’re still confused about whether or not to apply for internships, we’ve listed some facts about internships to convince you that you definitely need to get enrolled. 

1. 50% of All Internships Result in Full-Time Offers

According to Vault, at least half of all internships result in jobs. Upon surveying 14,000 interns from more than 130 programmes, the conclusion reached was that employers prefer to pick from their interns when looking to hire for open positions. Recent studies have shown up to 70% of interns are given an offer. Since interns have worked with the company before, they have a good idea about the corporate culture, and employers can trust that they will adjust and perform well. Hence, if you’re looking to get a job soon, invest some time in getting an internship to get both hands-on training while also improving your chances of getting hired.

2. Internship Experience Has Been Ranked as the Number One Candidate Criterion by Employers

You might wonder whether internship experience won’t matter in the real world but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. An interesting fact about internships is that, depending on the company, internship experience can be more valued than extracurriculars. In a survey that required employers to rank the importance of certain factors in a prospective employee, internship experience was ranked number one. Thus, most recruiters value internship experience and believe that a prospective employee should have at least some level of internship experience.

3. Career Advancement in Your Chosen Industry is a Deciding Factor When Choosing an Internship

When choosing an internship, you need to consider whether the skills and training learned in that role would actually help you later on in life. After all, time is money and you don’t want to waste your time with something that doesn’t really hold any real benefit. Generally, an internship is sought in your own area of study to be able to learn practical skills and get involved. So, you will have a good idea of what the actual on-ground work is like. You will also be able to get some practice and training on how to excel in your field. Enrolling yourself in an internship also gives you the opportunity to view different career paths and develop realistic expectations. However, career advancement in your chosen industry is and should be, your number one priority when choosing an internship.

4. Graduates With a Paid Internship are 34% More Likely to Receive at Least One Job Offer After Graduation

One known fact is that internships greatly increase your chances of getting a job. The job market is pretty competitive and employers are interested in candidates that already have some level of experience. That experience means new hires will not require as much training as fresh candidates.

Several studies have shown that while both paid and unpaid interns are likely to get a job relatively easily, students with a paid internship are 34 percent more likely to get a job. Why? Because if an intern is being paid, they are expected to work optimally. So, presumably, you can trust that the candidate in question is not a slacker. That’s why Shamrck has developed our paid internship program to pair businesses with high schoolers looking for experience. We want to make sure students are prepared and ready for the working world. 

5. Some US Companies Offer More Than 1,000 Internships

The great thing about internships is that there are loads of them. You might have a hard time finding a job, but internships are not really that hard to get. Some US companies even offer more than one thousand internships which means you have a good chance to secure an internship in the US. There are tons of paid internships around the nation looking for help. Internships are more popular than ever.

6. Pay Comes Second When Opting for an Internship

Career development in your chosen field comes first when choosing an internship. But what comes next? Pay. Obviously paid internships are considered more valuable by recruiters, so you would want to get a paid internship over an unpaid one – if given the chance, of course. Not to mention, a little extra cash never hurt anyone. And it’s not impossible to get a paid internship; you just need to know where to look. Paid internships are rising in popularity, don’t miss your chance to get one. 

7. Corporate Culture Matters When Choosing an Internship

Just like you would for a job, you should know the organization’s culture before you apply for an internship. Your mental health is important and if you don’t think you can adjust well to the atmosphere, you should probably just forgo the opportunity because toxic work environments are not worth it. So, before you apply for an internship at a company, try to understand their vision and mission, goals, your roles as an intern, their expectations from you, and so on.

The Bottomline

We know that the number of internships offered are rising every year. Get the chance to gain real world experience, connect with your community, and get paid! 

So, what are you waiting for? Hunt out the best internships in your area. Get in touch with the Shamrck team to find local paid internships near you.  

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