How to Use Content Curation to Grow Your Audience


What is content curation, and why is it helpful? At its most basic, curation is scouring other content sources to bring in new content for your audience. We all know content drives SEO. Whether we’re focused on keywords, relevance, or recent posts, content curation can help immensely. We can look at it another way. You and your team can only produce so much content. You have too many other things to do, and creating new material all day every day is impossible. However, staying relevant in searches depends on posting a lot. 

How do you meet the demand?

The solution is more straightforward than you think. For a website, content curation services allow you to pick and choose keywords that fit your field, website, topics, etc. You can pull blog posts and articles from all over the web to bring into your website, and voila! You have new content. The marketing team may be able to create engaging material, but readers want variety. They want to see what you think is interesting. After all, they’re on your website because you’re the expert.

Best of all, content creation is easy. You and your team don’t have to comb through other websites all by yourself. Integrated systems can do that for you and even post content directly to your site or social media.


Start with what you know.

The first goal for any website is to create an audience. Using original posts and blogs is a step in the right direction, and a massive social media campaign can help. Write about your field, product, and things that make you an expert. Over time, customers and other traffic will look to you for guidance and expertise. 

Make sure to cover a wide range of topics still while you build your content machine. Don’t pigeonhole yourself by focusing on one or two aspects of your field. You can quickly get stuck in a rut, and customers will lose interest. You can always find new topics to write about, so start creating your library with plenty of variety.


Start curating content. 

One of the more significant challenges of curation is finding the best strategy. You don’t have the resources to create new content continually. Randomly using a Google search is like throwing darts blindfolded. You need something efficient to help. 

Where do you start?

Content curation is not new. The benefits of posting fresh, new content are immeasurable, and the most remedial understanding of SEO tells us this strategy helps your rankings. Content curation software does everything for you. Getting started is as easy as choosing a keyword or phrase and letting the software go to work. These services scour every corner of the web for articles and posts fitting your description. 

Be sure you know what to do with the content when you get it, though. Curating content and leaving it to rot on the back-end isn’t doing you any good. Displaying your content is where these services provide more value. 


Validate your content.

How many times have you heard, “don’t just read the headline?” It’s natural for us to see some buzzwords and immediately think the article is a perfect fit. Sometimes, it’s not. The essential thing you can do when curating content is to read the content! Read for style and accuracy. Someone slapping a good headline on a terrible article doesn’t do you any good. 

Check to see if the post is articulate and thought out. Does it convey the same message or theme you want to present on your site? You are trusting someone else with your traffic, so don’t do it lightly.


Where to put your content

Most websites have a page dedicated to blog posts, but nothing says you have to stop there. Your homepage is the face of your website. Why not add your curated content there as well? You’re adding outbound links to your pages and showing that your business stays apprised of all the developments and news in your field. 


Growing your audience with curation.

The end game for content creation is growing your audience. More content means your score higher in search results, and giving your readers a little more variety helps retain what you already have. More of a crowd means more eyes on your products and more opportunities for sales. 

Plus, growing your audience can mean growing an email list. Email drip campaigns are incredibly useful for things like sales and marketing. Content curation helps get you there just by adding a few new words. The best part is there’s no reason to overthink anything. Use a content creation tool, do a quick quality check, and post it on your site. 

Growing the prospect and lead audience for a small business is a matter of survival. The best way to do it is by reaching out and staying in touch with internet browsers. Content curation is a way to get more eyes on your website without creating more work for you or your team. 


Shamrck is a complete website and business management suite, helping you stay organized and save time. Our content curation feature focuses on the end-user to make life easy and get results. Start your free trial of Shamrck to see the advantages of having all your tools in one place. 


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