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How Custom Integrations Can Perfect Your Website 
Your website should be doing the work for you.
Custom Integrations help you make large scale changes.
Perhaps you need modern automation on an ancient system. Custom integrations can fuse the new and the old to make your website flow better.
You need all of your resources in one location.
Having several unique tools at your disposal is good, but not having to bounce between several sites is better.
You have a system in place.
Maybe you just started your small business, and the workflow is in progress. Maybe you've been in business for 30 years, and you're making a move to a more online presence. either way, the chances are good that the "perfect" platform isn't out there on its own.

The first step is deciding what you need.
Lay Out The Tools You Use
What products do you use on a regular basis to make your business run?
Look For The Easy Fix
Many software companies offer a plug-and-play solution that can fit certain needs.
Consolidate Everything
Choose a platform that can bring in the easy plugins and still handle the challenging integrations. Put everything in one place.
Shamrck is a complete website and business management suite designed to simplify sales and marketing for small businesses.
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