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Businesses like yours can benefit greatly from working with eager students that have the skillset to complete your projects. They just need someone to believe in them and give them a chance. Let us help you solve business problems while also helping them gain career-focused experience.

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Why high school students and not college students?

Career pathways can be challenging so we want to tap into the future workforce before they enter it. Additionally, undergraduate enrollment is decreasing with about 45% of Generation Z and Alpha opting to take a gap year or not go to college at all. This means businesses will have smaller pools of talent to choose from if the focus is at the collegiate level. We help you tap in to these students.

How do pre-made project scopes work?

You tell us what problem you are trying to solve in your business. We turn your needs into a job description and a project scope that we think will fit your needs or you can choose from others in your industry that we already have. Once you are satisfied, we source students that directly fit the skills you need. By making sure the student has those skills, you have less onboarding time and the student is reinforced with sucess. Additionally, we want to prevent scope creep so that you get your project needs met faster.

How are students sourced for my project?

Our platform is supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning models that we call the Perfect Match Guarantee. Our systems source students based on their skillset and we provide you with the top 5 students to choose from or we can assign a student to your project. Human eyes are also working with the AI to make sure everything is in tip top shape for your project needs.

How is payroll handled for the student?

All students are contractors of Shamrck, not your company. This eliminates any human resources related onboarding or other payroll issues. We handle everything on our side. Students are proficient in business interaction so they know how to be professional in a work environment and we ensure you and the student have support throughout the project via our customer success team.

How do I choose the budget for the project?

We help with this. You tell us what you want and we will provide a budget for you. If the budget does not meet your needs, we can trim back the project scope at bit to make sure it works for your business. We have projects to fit all business budgets, including yours.

How do I know the work is being done right?

Throughout a project, we do interact with our businesses and the students to ensure things are going to plan. We help quality control the students as well so that your expectations are met. If there is any issue where the project is not going to plan, you can alert the student doing weekly check-ins and let us know how we can help. We are integrated in your project success.

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“Executed Timely with Care”

I’ve worked with Shamrck for several years now and there’s a reason for that. Quality, professional work executed timely and with great care. Superb customer service and they have consistently delivered on every projects, task, or item I have inquired about or have been in need of assistance. Highly recommended!!!


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“Exceptional & Timely Service”

Excellent experience with Shamrck! Communicated all by email and received exceptional and timely service. Couldn’t ask for a better transaction!

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Project Manager

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