What is the assessment?

The assessment is an initial survey all students complete when they register on the platform. This helps us to set a baseline for where students are in their career journey so that we can encourage them from there. At the end of each school year, students will take an aptitude assessment so that we can see how students have improved since they joined the platform.

How do I explore the careers that have been suggested?

We start with a brief introduction to the careers which is a summary of the work done and what a day in the life looks like. From there, we use the 4 E’s to provide you with information about that career. For Enrollment, this lists classes that you can take in middle school, high school, and virtually to prepare for courses in college. For Employment, we show you jobs in that field that do not require a college education and may be applicable to current high school students. For Enlistment, we align that career path to those careers in the Armed Forces. For Entrepreneurship, we take a look at potential problems in that career path as well as learning opportunities to help students start their own business.

I’m interested in going to college after high school. How does this platform help me?

For our Enrollment students, we create an individualized learning plan for you so that you can take the necessary classes in middle and high school that will prepare you for college. In some cases, these classes are available at your school. In other cases, we provide virtual options that introduce subjects to you so that college is not the first time you are seeing certain concepts.

College isn’t for me, but I still want to learn a skill. How does this platform help me?

Many career paths have options that don’t require a college education. From trade schools to on-the-job training, we introduce you to careers that you can likely enter straight out of high school while also preparing you for those careers so you graduate with valuable experience.

I would like to go to college, but I simply can’t afford it. My counselor suggested the military. How does this platform help me?

The armed forces are viable options to learn career training with the ability to go to college while being enlisted. Many careers that require certifications instead are immediately obtainable and there are many programs for veterans once you exit the military to continue with a college career. The military is not the last resort. It’s a sound career path for the short and long-term servicemember.

I want to run my own business. How does this platform help me?

We introduce you to career paths and potential entrepreneurship paths within that career while giving you the tools to start a business. With Lean Canvas methodologies and exploring the science of entrepreneurship, we can help guide students down a path that allows them to be flexible in their careers, whether they run their own businesses or become corporate innovators.

My school/district has some career and technical resources, but we can do even more. How does this platform help me?

Our platform is designed to help schools see where there may be opportunities for improvement in their impact and provides predictive analytics to address issues and denote improvements. Even if there are no holes, we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you analyze data over the last 50 years, coupled with data on current students, to be able to make informed decisions about the growth of the school and district.

My city/county has workforce development needs. How does this platform help me?

We have a sociological approach to workforce development that helps us analyze structure and agency. By impacting the structure of education, we can improve access to resources for student agency so that they can give back to the communities that have supported them through talent retention, building businesses, and joining their local industry. This intentional behavior for workforce development leads to sound economic development which ultimately increases the tax base, provides industry opportunities, and creates more jobs. It’s a cycle of growth that starts with education.

My company would love to work more with students to introduce them to our industry. How does this platform help me?

Industry professionals assist students with industry engagement so that students are aware of what a day in the life looks like. Students start with concepts and theory but connecting with industry professionals helps them gain experiential learning opportunities as well as obtainable work experience that can help them be successful. We rely on industry professionals to help us make sure our models are effective in closing the education versus industry gap. We also work with companies to create recruitment programs to create talent pipelines for your industry.

My college/university is looking to recruit students for specific degree paths. How does this platform help me?

When students have an aptitude for a subject and are truly interested in that subject, our platform helps prepare them for what they will expect in college. This is done with micro-credential courses with proctored tests to ensure that students are retaining the information. We align students with community colleges as well to provide additional support so that students are ready for the college experience as well as their career aspirations.

I am a military recruiter. How does this platform help me?

Being that our CEO is both a military brat and spouse, we value the work ethic of our service members and recognize that the military is a very viable career path for many students graduating high school. We help these students realize different career paths they can explore and provide them with the tools to gain aptitude, thus improving ASVAB scores. Our platform also includes markers for the U.S. Army’s TAPAS assessment so that we can identify leadership qualities and provide recruiters with students that are interested and qualified for the armed forces.

As a parent, I’m interested in learning how I can help my child reach their goals. How does this platform help me?

Parents linked to student accounts can view exactly what the student sees. This enables you to be aware and engaged with the information your students receive so that you can help them figure out their path. Our platform is all about career exploration so the sooner they join the platform, they can try a few things out before they get to their senior year of high school. We hope to impact your student long before then so that we can provide them with tools and resources. We try to make sure to connect students locally first then we reach them with virtual assistance.

I’m a guidance counselor with a large student workload. How does this platform help me?

By being able to group students based on their potential career paths, you are able to see at a glance where you can create student groups and even classes around the needs of students. Since you have access to student grades and other data, you can help align schedules to match the needs of students based on their career aspirations. If there are opportunities in offerings where classes need to be created, you can see just how much impact you can provide to students. This tool is meant to help you impact more students with the resources you have, not give you additional work. We know you are doing your best for our kids.

Our non-profit works with kids by helping them with leadership and self-efficacy. How can we use your platform?

Many non-profits use Shamrck to add additional programming to their list of services to assist students. This usually includes career days and counselors that specifically help students with their career goals. We provide insights on your students to help you further connect them with resources to increase the success of your program.

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