Community Connection

Local Resources and Opportinuties

It takes a village to raise a child and your village is right in your backyard. Engage with local youth development organizations to help students explore potential careers.

Talent Retention

Long Term Workforce Development


Camps and Youth Orgs

How can students get support when they’re out of school?

Programs like STEM camps and volunteer opportunities help students to be seen in the community and help represent their school in a big way while gaining the support they need to flex their career muscles.

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How can schools work within the community?

Schools can support community organizations by helping to direct students to resources, creating fairs and trade shows, and allowing vetted organizations to directly work with students on campuses.

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Provide Support

How can organizations support the school?

Once organizations have identified schools and students that fit in their mission and vision, they can work with schools to provide resources, scholarships, and potential sponsorships to collectively work for the needs of students.

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