How Cheap Hosting Hurts Your Business
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Cheap Hosting is Hurting Your Website

Looking at a cheap price point is enticing. Who doesn't want to save some money? But a cheap hosting service can do much more harm than good. Cheap rarely equals quality. Choosing a host is one of the most important aspects of owning a website. Do your research and find a host you can trust. A top-class host is worth the investment. 

What to look out for.
Lax Cyber-security
A cheap hosting service can skimp on security features or force you to buy premiums just to make your website functional.
Slow Page Speeds
Nothing can harm your website faster than slow page load times. Cheap hosting services can get bogged down by traffic and cost you valuable page speeds.
Maintenance Problems
Cheap hosts don't put any focus on customer service or server updates. What does that mean for you? A website that crashes often and stays down too long. 
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