Academic Planning

Individualized Learning Plans

With student insights, career focus is at the forefront of the student education journey, which helps them be more prepared and creates more excitement for learning.

Academic Progress

Career-Centered Learning Path

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What classes should you offer?

With academic grouping, you can see what classes students trend towards based on interests, academic needs, and career focus. From there, you can look at current budgets to see how you can create programs, hire teachers, or bring in industry experts to help students.

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What careers are the focus in our area?

Cross-referencing class offerings with the industries of the area helps with workforce development efforts that lead to student employment. Having data on the area workforce directly correlates to industries creating jobs locally.

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How can students learn from peers?

Including others in their academic journey helps students be more proficient and more interested in the work ahead. This sociology of education leads to team building and other workforce readiness experiences students need to be successful.

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