5 Easy Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers


Websites are continually targets for hackers. Each site is a treasure trove of valuable information from basic contact information to social security numbers to payment info. Security software and hosting services are improving prevention strategies every day, but so are techniques to avoid them. The more sophisticated hackers become, the more diligent we need to be with our security.

Website security has never been more crucial to businesses. In 2017, one of the big three credit bureaus had a data leak. Experian reported a data breach that affected as many as 150 million people. The leak was catastrophic and led to Experian paying out $700 million to settle federal and state investigations. The lesson to be learned? No company is out of reach for hackers. 

Luckily, we have various ways to take precautions. Secure passwords and the right plugins are an excellent start, but there is no such thing as too much website security. Here are five easy ways to secure your WordPress website from hackers.

Select Good Hosting

Choosing who will host your website is a monumental decision. The most important aspect is knowing you can trust your host with your business. Hosts, like Shamrck, need to continually maintain updates to keep up with the most current versions of server software. Excellent hosts are proactive in ways to keep your website safe including having data centers in your country without rerouting information through unsecured servers.

This proactive approach means providing accessible support channels and automatically including the essentials like site backups, security checks, and performance checks. Make sure you know where to find your host’s support team and that they can easily communicate with you about your needs. Working with your WordPress website is complex and not having clear communication with support reps can lead to confusion and frustration.


Keep Plugins, Themes, and Core Up to Date


We already mentioned hackers work daily to find new strategies to break through your security. Part of bracing for those attacks includes keeping your site up to date. Software companies routinely release updates with bug fixes, performance releases, and security enhancements. Make sure your website keeps pace.

WordPress routinely updates the system’s operating version to fix bugs exploited in older versions. The majority of website “breakdowns” can be attributed to out of date software like older versions of WordPress. Worse, older versions may have outdated security features, which leaves your website security vulnerable.

Making sure you stay up to date with all of your software versions is surprisingly straightforward. Many systems offer automatic updates, while others prompt users with notifications to update. Managed hosting services like Shamrck handle all updates and security monitoring

Regardless of your strategies to stay up to date, the importance cannot be overstated.

Secure with SSL

We talked about the importance of choosing the right host. Part of securing your website is using a secure socket layer (SSL). The right host understands server security relies on installing an SSL certificate to keep your website safe. Shamrck provides this service at no additional cost for every plan.

Using secure socket layers can also affect SEO. SSLs help your web pages load faster, which is a significant factor used in Google’s search algorithms. Slow page load times can devastate your chances of showing up searches, so installing an SSL certificate is essential for maintaining a secure, fast website.

Keep Your Website Backed Up

 The day we started keeping records is the same day we started losing them. The “save” button on Microsoft Word is easy to find for a reason. Imagine all the data, work, and content lost over the years because someone forgot to click the save button. 

Now think about the level of content on your website. The pages of blog posts, entire email list, and possibly customer payment information all can disappear in the blink of an eye. Worse, customer contact and payment information are a treasure trove for hackers. Keeping your website backed up lets you take your website offline without losing any data. This ability is crucial if you notice a security breach or need to fix a bug. Shamrck handles website backup and restoration with all plans because we understand the disastrous consequences of losing everything.

Secure Usernames and Passwords

Creating specific usernames and complex passwords is a necessity. Many people use the same password over several websites and logins. Not a great idea. Hackers use a plethora of automated tools to try to retrieve passwords. If they can grab your password from any one of the websites you visit, everything is vulnerable. If possible, use different passwords for everything. Try using password generators to mix things up.

Updating passwords is essential, but do not neglect using different usernames where possible. Just by knowing your username and not a password, hackers can find ways to gain access to your accounts. Using the “forgot password” function or guessing passwords are surprisingly effective ways to slip past security. 

Why go through the trouble of breaching firewalls if hackers can simply guess the right username and password? Be cautious!


Secure Your WordPress Website

If there is one significant idea to remember, it’s that hackers are always looking for ways to access compromised, sensitive information. WordPress provides some tools to help take precautions, but the responsibility falls on you to secure your site. 

You have the resources you need, though. Keep your website updated, and only work with a host that uses a secure server. Your website will always be vulnerable (see Experian), but taking steps like the ones we looked at are an easy way to provide a lot of security. 


Shamrck is a world-class web hosting firm that handles website maintenance and security. We focus on providing an excellent customer experience through consistency and service. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’d love to talk more with you about our product. Schedule a demo today to learn more.


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