3 Reasons Video Content is the Future

Year over year, video content is taking a more significant role on the Internet. According to Cisco, video content will make up 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2022. The majority of people would prefer to watch online videos to television. If those numbers are surprising, you’ve already fallen behind.

Why is video content so popular? Essentially, we can break down how information is displayed in a few categories. Radio commercials use audio for ads, and billboards and posters rely on text and graphics. Videos rely on moving images, sound, and graphics. The benefit of videos is that they can use any combination of these displays.

Some may merely use motion pictures and text. Others may just use audio and a slideshow. There is no right or wrong method to make a compelling video.

More than anything, video content is engaging. Despite the advancements in type scrolling and page speeds, video content remains the best way to capture someone’s attention. Websites have roughly seven to nine seconds to make a first impression. For regular blog posts, grabbing someone’s attention requires an excellent design and engaging content. Video content is a little more forgiving as far as design and content are concerned.

The most significant advancement for video content was the explosion into the mobile platform. A study by Invisia in 2018 showed that mobile video consumption rises 100% each year. That means every year more, content piles up on new websites and in new advertisements.

What does that mean for you and your business? Here are three reasons that video content is the future.

Video Marketing is Taking Over

Just like video content has a better chance of grabbing someone’s attention, video advertisements have a much more effective than static graphics. Video ads can incorporate text, motion, images, and audio making them roughly nine times more likely to be memorable than text alone. For anyone trying to make a sound first impression, well-executed videos are a great start.

Social media introduced a new element to video marketing. Now advertising online is affordable through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In the past, commercials seemed like something only companies like Apple and GM could afford, but with social media options, ads are more affordable than ever. It even helps with customer retention.

Creating a marketing campaign is not an easy process, but knowing where to allocate resources is paramount. Video content is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers, but only if you create something memorable. Making a video doesn’t mean it will be good. Think of the horrendous commercials for used cars with the flashing texts and the obnoxious narrators. You’re more likely to remember how awful the video was than the actual brand. Try to avoid that.

Video Content is Flexible

 We can find video content on every platform. With useful tools like Java and Flash, we can translate videos from desktops to tablets to smartphones without any issues. Just like any other banner ad or image, videos can link to websites or product pages, making them incredibly useful ads.

Creating video content for SEO is one of the most important reasons to start. The content shows up as one of the highest scored elements of optimization, and video content is evidence of quality content. The fact that your website becomes a multi-media site optimized for all platforms helps SERP as much if not more than simple blog posts.

Creating Videos is Easier Than Ever

The most sizable hurdle facing businesses that want to create video content is how to make it. Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro are excellent but complex video creation programs. You can take hours of raw footage and cut it down to a 30-second clip. Add transitions and edit colors, audio, and speed to give it a more professional and engaging feel. Then you can add some text for a final touch and export the video in several formats. Doesn’t that sound so easy? It isn’t. In fact, experts spend years learning and mastering the program.

The second way you can go about creating video content is by enlisting a professional firm or a freelancer. This route costs money (potentially a lot of money), but its worth is entirely dependent on your needs. If you’re creating a full marketing campaign around video content, going with a professional is worthwhile if you get a return on your investment. Remember the terrible car commercial from earlier? A professional firm can help you avoid those kinds of mistakes and produce the highest quality version of what you need.

The final and most accessible way to create a video is with various online services. Automated video creation tools are hardly new, but they can look very rudimentary. The last thing you want to create is the equivalent of a PowerPoint slideshow. Programs like Biteable and Lumen5 are packed with customizable ways for you to edit content, images, music, and more without a degree in videography. There’s no need to shoot any live footage or video editing. Follow their step-by-step system and voila, video content you can present confidently.


Video content is the future across every industry. Most businesses have an online presence and are converting other aspects like training, sales, and informational guides into video format. With the different solutions available, it is becoming difficult to avoid video creation. Luckily there are services, experts, and blog posts (like this one!) to help you decide what kind of approach fits your needs.

There is no going back to a world confined to pamphlets and static images. Commercials have been around since the dawn of television, and online videos have been an institution since Internet speeds caught up with the demand. As we discussed earlier, video content is more popular, resonates more, and is taking over more Internet traffic every year. The question isn’t if you should get started making video content; it’s why haven’t you started already?

We’re here to help. We’ll walk you through ways to not only create video content but automate it! Reach out today to get started.

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